Posting Notices Guidelines

Approval for Posting

All postings must state sponsor’s name and a means of contact.

Approval to post flyers or notices must be obtained from the Student Life Office by means of the “Approved for Posting” stamp and the Dean’s (or his/her designee’s) signature.

Exception #1

Flyers generated by FPU faculty/staff/administration announcing FPU sponsored activities do not need the “Approved for Posting” stamp from the Student Life Office. In addition, Student Government will stamp flyers advertising their own events with their own “approved” stamp.

However, all flyers generated by an off-campus group or advertising a non-FPU sponsored activity, must be approved by the Student Life Office.

Posting Locations

All flyers/posters are to be posted only on the bulletin boards listed below. No postings will be attached to the windows, walls or doors of any campus building without permission from the responsible party for that building. Posted notices must be removed immediately after the event. Any postings to glass must be done with “wall mounting tabs” and not tape. Postings not following these guidelines will be removed without notice.

Exception #2

Event planners may post directional signs on the doors of McDonald Hall to direct off-campus participants to the event’s location. These signs must have a professional appearance and must be removed immediately after the event by the event planners.

Exception #3

Banner-length signs promoting campus events must be posted with “wall mount tabs” only.

Exception #4

Election posters may be posted one week before student body elections with the following restrictions:

  • Poster size is limited to 3’x5′.
  • Do not post anything on any painted surface.
  • Election posters may not cover a sign that is already there. An election poster may be removed if more space is needed for regularly posted announcements.
  • All election posters must be taken down by 5:00 on the last day of elections.

Classified Ads Board

Located on Sattler Hall west of the breezeway. Ads must be dated at the time they are posted. No approval stamp is necessary for notes on this board. The Student Life staff will remove ads 1 month after the posting date and reserves the right to remove any ads at their discretion.

Bookshop Board

Located directly across from the Bookshop entrance. Used book sale ads may be posted on this board. No approval stamp is needed for used-book ads. Student Life Office will purge this board 3 weeks after the start of a new semester. After the 3-week purging, the board will be reserved for general announcements.

General Announcement Boards

There are several of these that will carry announcements of interest to students or the entire community. All material posted on these boards must have the approval stamp and signatures from the Student Life office or Student Exec (as indicated above). These boards are located on the walls of: Kriegbaum Hall, 1st and 2nd floors Sattler Hall, at the west end of the building Alumni Hall, east wall (2 boards side by side), outside bookshop doors Witmarsum, across from the art room East Hall, 1st floor elevator East Hall, stairway landing Steinert Student Center, Student Game Lounge Kiosk and in the arbor area of Strasbourg Quad.

Student Life/College Hour Board

Located on Sattler Hall east of the breezeway and left of the mailroom. The Student Life Office will announce activities and events sponsored by the division. No approval stamp is needed.

Commuters Board

Located on Sattler Hall east of the breezeway and to the right of the mailroom. The Student Life Office is responsible for this. No approval stamp is needed.

Music Information Board

Located next to the Music Office. The Music Office is responsible for this. No approval stamp is needed.


Located on the Green at the northeast corner of Alumni Hall. Student Exec will use this area for club information. Information posted on the kiosk needs the approval stamp from Student Exec.

Student Government Board

Located at the north entrance to Strasbourg Quad. Student Exec is responsible for this board. Information posted here needs the approval stamp from Student Government.