Dance Policy

  • The following policy and guidelines have been formulated to maintain the integrity of the university as a Christian institution. These specific guidelines will apply to all FPU sponsored social dancing events as well as any organized dance club on campus. The advisor/s for any organized dance club will insure that the club adheres to all guidelines in this policy.
  • All proposals for social dance events must be submitted to the Student Executive with a copy for final approval submitted to the Campus Life Division of the university. This includes approval of the selected disc jockey and/or band and the style of music to be presented. Dance proposals must be approved by Campus Life at least two weeks prior to the proposed event. Proposal forms are available through the Student Exec or the Campus Life Office.
  • The sponsoring organization of each dance event is responsible for the arrangements of the professional contract with the disc jockey and/or band and must present the guidelines of this policy to the disc jockey and/or band prior to the event. The guidelines must be explained and signed with full understanding of the consequences for any deviation.
  • The sponsoring organization of each dance event is responsible for the enforcement of all the guidelines of this policy at the event, and will provide at least 2 FPU faculty members, staff and/or administrators to provide oversight for the entire duration of the event. These 2 chaperones will sign the dance proposal form in recognition that they will uphold the guidelines of this policy.
  • Security is required for all university sponsored dance events whether they are on or off site. The sponsoring organization of each dance event is responsible for making security arrangements with the university Director of Security for the duration of the event.
  • Each FPU student must show proper identification. Each guest must be accompanied by an FPU student and also must show proper identification.

Participant Guidelines

  • Provocative dancing is prohibited – i.e. movement intended to sexually stimulate or arouse a person or that suggests sexual activity.
  • Activity that could lead to physical injury is prohibited – i.e. body tossing from one person to another. Dancers must keep one foot on the floor at all times. Appropriate attire and conduct is required. Both attire and conduct should unquestionably reflect the moral and spiritual values and beliefs which are foundational to the university. The expectation is that participants will conduct themselves with Christ-like discernment.
  • Deviation from these guidelines will result in immediate removal from the social event and possible suspension from future functions.
  • Judgment calls in all these matters will be made by those providing oversight during the event and will be considered final.
  • Any sponsoring organization that fails to comply with the guidelines set forth in this policy may risk the penalty of up to and including denial of sponsorship of dances in the future.

Disc Jockey and/or Band Contract Addendum

Regarding the selection of music and performance style: No violence, substance abuse, profanity, sexual connotations, or suggestive language will be tolerated in the lyrics of the music or the dialog. Professional attire and conduct is expected. Deviation from this agreement will result in immediate removal from the event and forfeiture of payment.