Special Note on Safe Harbor Program

The Safe Harbor Program is a program of all NCAA institutions. 

The Safe Harbor Program and provides for a Student-Athlete to voluntarily disclose the use of a banned and/or illegal substance to a member of the Department of Athletics Administration, Sports Medicine Staff or the Coaching Staff and receive evaluation, testing and counseling (monitored by receipts submitted to the Sports Medicine Clinic by the Student-Athlete).  The Student-Athlete seeking to enter the Safe Harbor Program must come forward prior to the submission of the Student-Athlete's test sample to the collector.  A Student-Athlete is not eligible for the Safe Harbor Program after having received a positive FPU drug test or if the Student-Athlete has a previous drug violation.

Student conduct cases in which a Student-Athlete has initiated the Department of Athletics Safe Harbor Program will be administrated by the Director of Athletics (or designee) in conjunction with Student Life Administrators. A Safe Harbor contract will be created by the Director of Athletics (or designee) and Student Life Administrators and is considered an “Administrative Review” as defined by the University’s Restorative Discipline policy. If a Student-Athlete has a second violation after the initial admittance to the Safe Harbor Program, or fails to comply with the treatment plan, the Student-Athlete will be removed from the Safe Harbor Program and their removal would result in the Student-Athlete’s second positive test and second policy violation according to FPU’s Values and Behavioral Standards.