Fire Safety and Equipment

All fire alarms should be treated as a real emergency and students shall exit all building to a safe area. A $300 fine will be levied for misuse of a fire alarm; this will be applied to your student account. . It is a misdemeanor to tamper with fire equipment (under Calif. Penal Code Section 148.4). Damaged equipment or emptied fire extinguishers will incur additional charges. Tampering with smoke detectors will result in a $25 fine. If a low battery causes the smoke detector or exit alarm to “beep,” tell your RA immediately who will then email a work order request to or telephone Facilities Management at ext. 2089 to have the battery replaced. No furniture or personal items may be within 18 inches of the smoke detector or a fire sprinkler. Candles, flammable devices or open flames shall not be permitted or used in any living area.