Housing Policy and Housing Policy Form

The university believes that living on campus provides an educational benefit to students. The experience of living and participating in a campus residence enriches spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical life. It is by nature experiential and participatory. One is challenged to learn and live with others who are different from one’s self. It is an opportunity to translate faith into learning and living.

In light of the above beliefs, all students enrolled in the traditional undergraduate program are required to live in campus housing unless they qualify for at least one of the following exemptions:

  1. living at home with their parent(s) or parental age relative
  2. 21 years of age or older before the first day of class or within the “grace period” of the first two weeks of each semester
  3. married or getting married before the start of the semester
  4. are a parent and primary care giver for their child
  5. carrying fewer than nine units
  6. accepted to live in an authorized residential ministry program (per FPU Student Handbook).

In addition, any student receiving FPU institutional aid equal to 80% or more of the current cost of tuition will be required to live on campus. Exemptions 1, 2 and 6 listed above are not applicable to the 80% policy.  Faculty/staff tuition waivers from FPU’s employee benefit program will not be counted against this 80%.

Students must demonstrate compliance with the housing policy, every year before the first day of class, by completing and submitting a Housing Policy Form. Students who fail to do so will be charged the applicable room and board rate (applied to their student account) until they come into compliance with the housing policy by either on-campus, qualifying for an exemption or successfully petitioning to live off campus.

For the purpose of housing and meal plan assignments, students will remain classified as freshman, sophomore, junior or senior for the entire academic year (regardless of academic unit changes that may occur during the course of the year.)

Housing Application

To apply to housing students must fill out a Housing Application/Roommate Match Form. New students to the university will submit their application to the Admissions Office. Returning students, but new to housing, will turn it in to Campus Life. Before a student can be placed in housing they must be officially accepted to the university and pay the $200 housing deposit. Deposits can be paid on-line, by calling the Cashier at 559-543-5586 or by sending it in the mail.

Commuter Approval Form

Students (including new and transfer students) who are single, under 21 years of age and taking more than 9 units must fill out and submit a completed Commuter Approval Form. New students will submit the completed form at pre-registration and returning students can submit the completed form to the Campus Life Office. Students who do not qualify to live off-campus and who wish to apply for an out of the ordinary exemption may apply to the Residence Life Committee by submitting a letter that includes a request to be exempt from the policy and all pertinent details of their out of the ordinary circumstances.

Written requests must be turned in to the Residence Life and Housing Office in Campus Life at least four weeks before the first day of class for the upcoming semester. The Housing Petitions Committee will review cases within two weeks of receiving requests. Decisions by the Residence Life Committee are final. (Financial difficulty does not qualify for an out-of-the-ordinary exemption from the housing policy.)

On-Campus Exemptions for non-TUG students

  1. Graduate or Credentialing students who are actively enrolled on the Athletics roster.
  2. Graduate or Credentialing students who were a resident as a TUG student in the semester immediately prior to their start as a Grad or Credentialing student.
  3. International students (IELP or TUG) who were residents and have graduated, may live on campus for one year immediately following their commencement date if they are enrolled in OPT (Optional Practical Training).

Extenuating Housing Circumstances for FPU Students: Appeal Process

Fresno Pacific’s on-campus housing is solely for traditional undergraduate students. However, if space permits, a graduate, credentialing or degree completion student may petition to live on campus if they are experiencing extenuating circumstances. The petitions will be evaluated by a committee and can be submitted to Residence Life and Housing (residence.life@fresno.edu). The petition consists of the following questions that need to be answered thoroughly:

  1. What extenuating circumstances are you experiencing that would qualify you  to live on campus through a housing policy exemption?
  2. How long do you anticipate needing housing?

The cost of housing will be prorated for their time in housing, and payments will be added to their student account.