Restorative Discipline Goals

God has called us into community, a network of mutually caring and uplifting relationships patterned after the example given to us by Jesus Christ. Recognizing that we who are involved in community are imperfect people influenced by an imperfect world, student discipline at FPU is intended to be a process that:

  1. Is fair and just.
  2. Will enhance the academic purpose and atmosphere of the campus.
  3. Is educational and developmental for the students involved, encouraging student maturity by providing students with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
  4. Provides opportunity for reconciliation of those who have been harmed or estranged, enabling the restoration of an individual to his or her place in the community.
  5. Encourages student responsibility by holding them accountable for their own actions including making restitution for damages.
  6. Enhances the atmosphere of safety and well being on campus.

In an effort to minimize the number of cases which enter the Restorative Discipline process, FPU encourages students to resolve issues and conflicts between themselves whenever possible through voluntary cooperative means. Several resources are available to students to assist in this effort including Resident Assistants and Residence Directors, the Campus Pastor, Mentors, and the Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies.

When a student has violated a standard, rule, or policy, or created conflict or offense with another student, all parties are encouraged to seek out those who have been impacted by the actions to acknowledge the violation, to create agreements to restore equity, and to develop a plan and follow-up meetings to support the agreements and prevent reoccurrence.