This report form should be used to report incidents involving student, employee, and/or third party vendor misconduct at Fresno Pacific University, including but not limited to an alleged violation of FPU's Unlawful Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Policy & Procedures (link to policy) or University student and employee handbooks (link to handbooks). If you are unsure if the behavior falls under these policies, you may still use this report. People may file this report on their own behalf or anyone wishing to file a report on behalf of an FPU student or employee may utilize this form.

NOTE: FPU employees, including all faculty, staff, and student staff (except those designated in the Policy as confidential), are strongly encouraged to report to the Title IX Coordinator via this form, if they receive notice of an incident of sexual or gender-based misconduct.

FPU’s confidential Resources (Confidential Resources) include only medical and nursing professionals such: as the Campus Nurse; mental health counselors; the Campus Pastor, Associate Campus Pastors or Campus Chaplin employed within the Office of Spiritual Formation; other persons working pursuant to a professional license requiring confidentiality while working on campus. Confidential Resources are exempt from reporting Prohibited Conduct when working in the course and scope of their licensure or ordination. When Confidential Resources are not working in the course and scope of their licensure or ordination and they learn about allegations of Prohibited Conduct they are required to report that conduct as any other Responsible Employee. This exemption does not extend to other areas of mandated reporting obligations under federal, state, or local laws, such as the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) or Cleary Act reporting requirement as a Campus Security Authority.

This form will be delivered for review to the Responsible Administrators governing this policy. The Responsible Administrators or their designee, will follow up on the report, as appropriate, including determining what supportive measures may be needed. This form does not automatically initiate a complaint or a formal investigation. The Responsible Administrator may contact the reporting party or the Complainant to gather additional information in order to assess jurisdiction, offer supportive measures, provide options for resolution, and/or go over the rights of the people involved.

Please note that submissions using this form may not be reviewed outside of normal business hours. If there is an immediate risk to health or safety, please call 911 for local law enforcement or contact Public Safety immediately:

Campus Safety: (559) 453-2298

Reporting to Law Enforcement does not obligate you to take part in a police investigation. For non-emergency Law Enforcement reporting, you may use the following non-emergency Law Enforcement phone numbers:

Fresno: (559) 621-7000

Bakersfield: (661) 327-7111

Merced: (209) 385-7444

Visalia: (559) 734-8116

Campus Safety can also assist with contacting Law Enforcement