Mission & Vision of Residence Life

Mission Statement: 

We provide safe and secure housing within a dynamic living-learning community, while intentionally investing in student holistic development and success. 


Residence Life and Housing will offer rich, transformative spaces by encompassing these values: 

We Value: 

  1. Diversity

    1. Each human being, recognizing that they should always be treated with dignity and respect.

    2. Celebration of self-expression.

    3. Interfaith dialogue. 

  2. Health and Safety

    1. A strong regard for the mental/emotional health of our students and staff.

    2. Community guidelines.

    3. Well-maintained physical spaces. 

  3. Holistic Development/Growth

    1. Being mindful of the personal, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional wellbeing of our students.

    2. Students being exposed to new ideas and perspectives.

    3. Students communicating proactively and thinking critically through challenges and opportunities.

    4. Preparation for life beyond graduation in a professional and personal capacity. 

  4. Community

    1. Individuality, vulnerability, and acceptance.

    2. Meaningful friendships.

    3. Students being able to lead and engage positively in civic duties and reciprocal community contributions.

    4. Engagement and collaboration with other departments and our students.