Campus Boundaries

The FPU campus for the purposes of student conduct, campus safety, and university parking is deemed to be the areas in and around all university houses (as bounded by Heaton, Garden, Townsend, and Butler), the main campus (as bounded by Winery, Willow, Chestnut, Hamilton, and Butler), all extension centers/campuses, all FPU athletic fields/facilities, all university parking lots (both owned and leased) all houses and buildings owned by FPU and the Willow Gardens Condominiums on Heaton Ave.

Personal Property Insurance

The University assumes no responsibility and does not provide insurance or any other financial protection for any personal property. Do not leave personal belongings ie: backpacks, purses and laptop computers in areas unattended. Personal items should be in locked secure areas. FPU recommends that students check their parents’ homeowner’s policy for inclusion of belongings away from home and obtain insurance protection against loss, damage or theft of personal property.

Power Tools

No power tools are allowed on campus. Contact the RA to send an e-mail work order request to Facilities at facman@fresno.edu for projects that require power tools. Facilities will not loan tools.

Repairs and Maintenance

Facilities will repair electrical and plumbing problems, broken windows, screens, locks, etc. If a repair in housing is needed, submit a work order at workorder.fresno.edu or contact your RA. If not a residential student, email facman@fresno.edu with your request. If an emergency occurs, call ext. 2089 immediately. If after normal business hours please call Campus Safety at 453-2298.

Room Reservation

The Department of Campus Safety will not open any classroom or gathering area without confirmation of the reservation on the Astra schedule or prior arrangement with the. Send an email to rooms@fresno.edu.

Storage of Personal Property

It is the policy of Facilities Management not to store the personal items of students. Any student who leaves any personal belongings, including furniture, on the campus does so at their own risk. Facilities Management will NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for any furniture left in ANY building owned by the university. A $100 removal fee will applied to any student’s account for each large item of furniture left behind.

No facilities personnel will give a student under any circumstances, permission to store any personal item, (including furniture, cars, clothes, etc.) anywhere on campus during the summer break.

All personal items of students must be removed at the end of the spring semester. Anything left in the residences or storage, (excluding Strasbourg basement storage rooms under the supervision of Campus Life) will be discarded by facilities personnel.