Appeal to the Dean of Students


Students who have been found to be in violation of University standards have the opportunity to appeal the finding under the following circumstances:

  1. New unexamined evidence or considerations are presented.
  2. The student believes that there was undue bias present in their earlier hearing/review.
  3. The student believes that the outcome of the hearing/review was too severe in relationship to the violation.

Appeals to hearings/reviews must be submitted to the Vice President of Campus Life within 72 of the hearing/review. Appeals are to be in writing and are to note which of the circumstances listed above the student wishes to have considered. Appeals will be addressed by the Vice President of Campus Life and/or their designee. The Vice President of Campus Life may call an Appeal Board to review the appeal. Said board would be comprised of faculty, staff, and when appropriate, students. The Vice President of Campus Life or the Appeal Board can refer the case back to the SJB for reconsideration with comment or they may make a final decision and no other appeal exists.

In the event the case is referred back to the SJB, they will review the case, the comments from the Vice President and any additional information presented during the appeal. In light of any new information the SJB may overturn or revise the restorative plan. The determination of the SJB from the review becomes the final decision regarding the case. There are no further appeals.