Values & Behavioral Standards

Community Living

As a Christian university, Fresno Pacific acknowledges that consensus in regards to issues of student behavior are difficult even within a Christian faith community. In keeping true to a culture of learning together, we desire to enable open dialog addressing issues surrounding community standards, knowing that students are making moral, legal, theological, cultural, and health related decisions about many things every day.

In stating clear positions on these issues our desire is that students understand the expectations of Fresno Pacific University. Students, faculty and staff can dialog openly with clear understanding of the university’s values and standards. Fresno Pacific University’s values and behavioral expectations take the following into account:

  1. FPU acknowledges the diversity of thought within the Christian church on these areas.
  2. FPU expects its students to be law abiding.
  3. FPU is obligated and committed to promote the kind of culture that is most conducive to students’ academic, social, and spiritual growth and development and violating the values and standards hinders the achievement and/or realization of those desired outcomes.
  4. FPU is unwilling to risk the potential dangers or assume the legal liability that individuals on campus under the influence of alcohol or drugs present to themselves and the community.
  5. FPU believes its restorative discipline process is a positive approach to addressing student misconduct through education, agreements and clarifying the future.
  6. Some students will not agree with these policies. However, by attending FPU, students will be expected to respect and adhere to established community standards and behavioral expectations.
  7. To identify the boundaries of “on campus,” Fresno Pacific University’s main campus is the areas in and around university housing, on the streets of Butler, Chestnut, Heaton, Garden, Winery, Willow, and Townsend, within the university block, the Willow Gardens, and is inclusive of all athletic fields and parking lots.  Any off-site venue used for university programs, events, and/or services, including regional campuses and Casa Pacifica are also considered “on campus” in regards to policies, procedures, and expectations.

Behavior on or off campus that falls short of the declaration or intent of FPU’s values and behavioral expectations, interrupts FPU’s educational mission, or that bring negative attention to the University will generally be referred to the restorative discipline process.  Should a student enter the restorative discipline process because of a university values or behavioral standard violation, they should expect that the process will be inclusive and that major stake holders at the university will be invited into the process.  These stakeholders may include but are not limited to Campus Life staff, Program Directors, supervisors, and academic mentors.

Educational Environment

Fresno Pacific University endeavors to provide a safe and orderly environment, in which all students are able to pursue their academic, social, and spiritual development. The university reserves the right to implement a disciplinary process, which may culminate in the mandatory leave or termination of any student who does not meet behavioral standards or comply with University policies. The university also expects that the actions of any student do not pose a threat to the health and/or safety of others and do not unreasonably disrupt the educational environment of the university.

Threat to the Health and/or Safety of Others

Threat to the health and/or safety of others means, for example, any act, planned act or threatened act that places another student, member of the faculty or staff or any campus visitor at an unreasonable risk of bodily harm, exposure to illness, loss of life or destruction of property. A threatened act includes overt threats, as well threats reasonably perceived by the actions, interactions, and/or conduct of a student. Further, a student may be considered to pose a direct threat to the health of others if current medical information indicates that the student's behavior and/or medical condition could reasonably expose others to illness, disease, or other bodily harm. This exposure risk must exceed that commonly found in community environments and would include a student's possession of a presently contagious illness or disease and/or failure to maintain appropriate hygiene.

Unreasonable Disruption to the Educational Environment

Unreasonable disruption to the educational environment means, for example, any disruptive act that unreasonably impedes another student's functioning within an academic or community life setting or unreasonably impedes the ability of faculty, administration, or staff to fulfill their duties and obligations. A violation may include a single disruptive act or ongoing acts and may involve complaints from students, faculty, or staff. In determining violations, an assessment will be made of the nature and extent of the disruption and the content and frequency of the complaint(s).

University Response

Violation of these or other policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including mandatory leave or termination, without refund of tuition and other amounts paid. The restorative disciplinary process of the university is set forth in FPU student handbooks. The university reserves the right to remove a student from particular settings or from all university activity pending the outcome of the disciplinary process, depending on the nature and extent of the disruption or threat as outline above.  While the university expects all students to meet the behavioral standards, it recognizes that some students possess medical or psychological conditions that may affect functioning within the behavioral rules of the university. The university will comply with all requirements imposed by law to provide reasonable accommodation and/or appropriate academic adjustment for those with disabilities. If medical or psychological intervention is needed to assist the student in meeting the behavioral standards, the university may choose to offer the student the opportunity to comply with an intervention plan as a partial or complete substitute for disciplinary action. The student may also be placed on a contract that identifies the behaviors of concern, the accompanying behavioral expectations, and the length of contract. If the student does not meet the behavioral standards after assenting to an intervention plan or if the student violates the contract, the university may take disciplinary action up to, and including, mandatory leave or termination.

Values and Behavioral Expectations

Through God’s acts of creation and redeeming sacrifice, he has established the ultimate worth of every person. Fresno Pacific University (FPU) seeks to accept each person as unique, with God given purpose and value. Our hope is that everyone will be moved to search after God.

The FPU Idea affirms the university as a learning community that seeks to engage its members “…in a collaborative search for knowledge and experience which lead toward a perceptive and creative relationship with God, humanity, and the natural world…” As an extension of the educational mission of the Mennonite Brethren Church (which is rooted in the Anabaptist traditions of peace and justice), the university affirms the authority of the Bible over all matters of faith and life.” Fresno Pacific University invites all who are committed to upholding principles of respect, integrity and doing good in all situations, to be members of its community. The rules of any community grow out of a particular tradition. Being firmly rooted in the Mennonite Brethren Church tradition, Fresno Pacific University holds in high esteem the following characteristics:

  • peace and justice
  • modest dress
  • thoughtfulness in social relationships and entertainment
  • honesty
  • service
  • respect of the rights, opinions and property of others
  • respect for the laws of the state
  • willingness to do good in every situation

The dominant emphasis of life together within the FPU community is the quality of human relationships, mutual care, and building up of one another. Individuality and community are equally encouraged and valued. However, selfish, and isolating individualism must give way to what is best for a caring and just community.  The common good of any community is accomplished through established standards and behavioral expectations. Fresno Pacific University bases its standards and expectations on these Community Life Values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Stewardship

By accepting the invitation to attend Fresno Pacific University, you become a part of its community and agree to abide by and uphold the behavioral expectations encapsulated in its community life values and standards. Behavior that falls short of the declaration or intent of these values and/or their standards and behavioral expectations, will generally be referred to the restorative discipline process.

Interim COVID-19 Policy

During the COVID-19 pandemic, and until further notice, students are required to adhere to all on-campus instructions and policies established by the university in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which include but are not limited to:

  • Check in daily on the FPU App to screen for COVID-19 symptoms each time campus is accessed.
  • Stay at home if exhibiting any symptoms consistent with those currently expressed on the MYFPU COVID-19 screening tool.
  • Wear a mask at all times on campus (with the exception of approved residential spaces where un-masking is permitted, i.e. bedroom).
  • Keep 6 feet distance, where possible, from all people on campus at all times.
  • Follow any and all required foot or vehicle traffic/movement patterns.
  • Wash hands regularly and/or use hand sanitizer multiple times throughout the day and keep belongings sanitized.
  • Only enter permitted spaces throughout campus.

Note: Also see information and the FPU COVID-19 Prevention Plan at