Health And Communicable Disease Prevention

Fresno Pacific University students and staff work to protect the health and safety of each individual, as well as the campus community as a whole. This policy applies to students, faculty and staff of FPU. Our goal is to reduce exposures to communicable disease. Communicable diseases, referred to in this policy, and mandatory reporting requirements are defined by the California Department of Public Health.

Fresno Pacific University has established specific requirements for incoming students regarding immunizations and testing for communicable disease. These requirements are in accordance with the latest American College Health Association, State of California and federal Center for Disease Control guidelines. Employees of the university shall comply with all State of California and Federal regulations as well as university requirements regarding infection control. The two health promoting practices important enough to be stressed here as policy are:

  • Good hand hygiene—proper washing and use of gels when you can’t wash. If you have a cold, refrain from shaking hands.
  • Courteous cough etiquette—Direct coughs and sneezes into your sleeve or a disposable tissue, followed with appropriate clean-up. Do not get close to others. This includes staying home when you are sick. DC students are advised to save their one allowed absence for times of illness. (Attendance policy applies in case of illness.)

When a FPU student contracts a communicable disease, the disposition of the case will be determined by guidelines dictated by the California Health Department, the Director of Health Services and the student’s physician. Students, have the right of confidentiality and they must sign a consent authorization form for any information to be released.