Health Services

The Health Services office seeks to promote health education, prevention and self-responsibility in the college community. All services are provided with the strictest of confidentiality. The registered nurse is available by phone or on the Main Campus daily for illness/injury evaluation, screening of medical concerns, health and wellness information, community referrals and insurance information. The Center has available a number of health-related resource books, pamphlets, etc., which are also useful for research projects. Community clinics and physicians are available for referral if needed.

Health related services provided by Health Center staff are generally available at no charge/low cost to all students.. Appointments are available for your convenience, but are not necessary. First aid kits are located in strategic areas throughout the campuses..

FPU Health Center

Main Campus, Schlichting 117
Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm (generally)
(559) 453-2097

For Life Threatening Emergencies

Campus Safety or 911 

For Urgent Situation Requiring Immediate Medical Attention

  • During office hours, contact the Health Center.
  • After office hours, contact Campus Safety.   

For Non-Urgent Situations

Contact the Health Center during business hours.