Academic Support Center

Student Success

Our goal is student success! We can support you as you strive for your full academic potential and success as a student. College can be a challenging time; we understand that and are here to help. All of our offices can be accessed through the Academic Support Center front desk in Marpeck 105 located on the main campus.

Academic Support Center (Main Campus, Marpeck 105)

The Academic Support Center exists to help raise the level of academic achievement at Fresno Pacific University. The Academic Support Center offers a variety of services to meet the various needs of our learning community. All of our consultants are professionally trained to work with the unique needs and talents found here at FPU, and to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to become confident, independent and active learners, who in turn can help strengthen the learning community. Underlying our services is the belief that students’ working with students is beneficial for everyone involved in the learning process, regardless of academic abilities.

Tutoring & Writing on the Main Campus

One-on-one tutoring is available to students for writing assignments across all disciplines, as well as for help with general education subjects. Sessions are 30-50 minutes long, and are available by appointment and through drop-in service. Tutors will work with students as many times as needed, in all stages of the writing process, to help with development, organization, and clarity. Please note that though we may offer help with grammatical issues, the Academic Support Center does not provide guaranteed proofreading services.

Regional Campus Writing Tutors/ETS Criterion

Writing tutors are available on site at each regional campus during select evening hours. Students may schedule appointments or drop in during the hours posted at the regional campus’ front desk. Subject matter tutors (general education level mathematics, sciences, and Spanish) are available on the main campus in the Academic Support Center from 9 am to 4pm only. Every DC student has a subscription to ETS Criterion where they may obtain 24/7 support with essay construction, development, and editing through an automated service.

General Education Subject Tutoring on the Main Campus

Tutoring is available for math, chemistry, biology, and Spanish. The tutoring emphasizes collaborative and alternative methods of learning to help process classroom lectures and activities, as well as homework assignments. Tutoring may also be available for other classes; students are encouraged to inquire about specific needs.

Regional Campus SOS/Technology Tutors

SOS Tutors offer assistance in navigating the various online sites and software used by the university, and are available at each regional campus. Contact the front desk regarding appointments.