The Counseling Office promotes the psychological health and well-being of the FPU community, including appointments at the regional campuses. Students are viewed as dynamic individuals who are in the process of becoming the people God created them to be. Academic success is facilitated by psychological health and counseling services are available for enrichment, growth, and healing.

Psychological Services

Counseling services are provided by through On-Site Counseling. The services include individual and couple's counseling and group therapy. Both licensed and master's prepared clinicians (interns/trainees) provide clinical counseling/psychotherapy and have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Clinical counseling enhances psychological well-being by exploring unhealthy patterns of relationship, challenging distortions and defenses in the personality structure, and exploring more effective ways to live. In turn, this psychological work facilitates the development of a more mature, richer relationship with God. Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled FPU students.

Potential reasons to seek counseling may include: personal enrichment and growth, adjustment issues, self-esteem, abuse and trauma, young adult identity, suicidal thoughts, substance use and abuse, eating disorders or disordered eating, premarital and marital issues, cross cultural issues, depression and anxiety separation, grief and loss, relationships, and sexuality issues.

Confidentiality and Cost

All information disclosed within the therapy session is held in confidence by the counselor (trainee or intern) and the clinical supervisor, a licensed clinician. No information may be released unless the student gives written permission, except as required by law. Confidentiality may be broken when the court orders testimony or the release of records, with reasonable suspicion of child or elder abuse or with probable danger to self or others (i.e. when the student is suicidal, expresses homicidal intent or is gravely disabled).

The initial intake phone call  is free. The purpose of the first session is to discuss concerns and decide if counseling, on- or off-campus, would be beneficial. On-Site offers direct, confidential and professional counseling services at a subsidized rate for a total of 12 sessions.  Students are welcomed and encouraged to continue beyond 12 sessions at a small increase in rate.  The first 6 sessions are $10 each, the subsequent 6 sessions are $15 each, and each session after that is $30 per session.  The pay scale restarts every calendar year. 

For Appointment

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment call On-Site at 559-453-8050 or email us at