Student Responsibilities

  1. Alleged offenders will be informed in writing of the allegations, procedural steps of the restorative discipline process, and their responsibilities in the process.
  2. A person alleged to have violated campus standards will be presumed innocent until sufficient information is presented to determine responsibility. Responsibility for an allegation will mostly likely be determined on a standard of preponderance of information/evidence.
  3. In most instances, the disciplinary status of a person will not be altered, including the ability to be present on the campus and to attend classes, pending the outcome of the restorative discipline process. However, exception may be made for reasons relating to the physical or emotional safety and well-being of other students, faculty and staff of the university.
  4. Alleged offenders appearing in a CJC hearing may be accompanied by members of the university community for support.
  5. Falsifying or misrepresenting information or facts to university officials will not be tolerated.