Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center at Fresno Pacific University equips students with skills to promote their success and growth to advance their educational and personal journeys.

Main Campus Writing Tutors

Writing tutors will work with students as many times as needed in all stages of the writing process to help with development, organization and clarity. Although tutors may offer help with grammatical issues, the Academic Support Center does not provide proofreading services. Tutors can introduce students to resources for paper format and documentation styles as well as resources to improve sentence-level mechanics such as grammar and punctuation. Lengthy papers, ten (10) pages or more may require multiple face-to-face sessions to read and discuss. Not all undergraduate tutors will have adequate background information on individual theses to properly address the needs of graduate papers or theses.

Main Campus
Marpeck 105

Regional Campus Writing Tutors

Writing tutors are available on site at each regional campus during select evening hours. Students may schedule appointments or drop in during the hours posted at the regional campus’ front desk. Regional Campus Writing Tutors primarily help with organization, clarity, APA formatting, etc. They should not be considered a proofreading service. Support from Regional Campus Writing Tutors should not be considered a substitute for the support of one’s Thesis/Project Mentor/Advisor.

Regional Campus SOS/Technology Tutors

SOS Tutors offer assistance in navigating the various online sites and software used by the university, and are available at each regional campus. Contact the front desk regarding appointments.