Administrative Review

Fresno Pacific University reserves the right to process student conduct violations administratively. Generally administrative review is reserved situations where the immediate health and safety of students may be of added concern. Fresno Pacific University, may also, at its discretion, allow students to request an Administrative Review rather than one of the other options available within the disciplinary process.  Administrative Reviews are generally conducted by the Vice President of Campus Life and/or their designee.

Should the behavior of a student be deemed counter to the education process, and/or harmful or dangerous to other students/faculty/staff, Fresno Pacific University reserves the right to remove that student from particular settings related to Fresno Pacific University (i.e. the institution, a class, a work assignment, etc.) pending the outcome of the disciplinary process.

Additionally, an administrative review may be held in lieu of standard procedures for violations occurring in the last two weeks of the semester/session in order to resolve a case prior to students leaving for Christmas break, session break, etc.

Upon completion of an administrative review, the student(s) involved will be notified in writing as to any formal allegation(s), the determination of said student(s) involvement, any violations of university standards, and the Administrative Review’s results. Results of Administrative Reviews may come from the entire range of options noted in the section “Restorative Discipline Plans.”