All members participating in the educational process at FPU are expected to pursue honesty and integrity in all aspects of life. Each member should strive to be consistent, principled, and true to their very best self. Individuals should attempt to do what’s right, even in challenging situations, and have a willingness to do good in any and all situations.

Behavioral expectations that flow out of this value include but are not limited to:

  1. Actions and attitudes that uphold Christian and campus values.
  2. Academic integrity (see FPU catalogue for a full description) – plagiarism, cheating, etc. are prohibited.
  3. FPU is a Drug/Alcohol/Vapor/Marijuana free environment.
    1. Illegal Drugs:
      1. Being in the presence of others using illegal drugs on campus is
      2. Possession or use of illegal drugs and/or the paraphernalia associated with
        them is prohibited.
      3. Providing illegal drugs to others and/or the paraphernalia associated with
        them is prohibited.
    2. Alcohol (regardless of age):
      1. Possession of empty alcohol containers on campus is prohibited.
      2. Being in the presence of others consuming alcohol on campus is prohibited.
      3. Possession, use or being under the influence of alcohol is prohibited on campus.
      4. Because of significant health and safety reasons, excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited on or off campus.
      5. FPU reserves the right to notify parents/legal guardians in the event of alcohol or drug violations
    3. Alcohol and Minors (under 21 years of age):
      1. The consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited at all times, on or off campus.
      2. It is prohibited for students to assist with or be complicit in the consumption of alcohol by minors.
        1. Being present at an event where the consumption of alcohol by a minor is taking place is prohibited.
        2. The following are prohibited: Behaviors that include but are not limited to providing/purchasing alcohol for underage students, hosting underage students under the influence of alcohol, and/or acts of premeditated assistance to underage students consuming alcohol.
        3. Failure to control the distribution of alcohol to underage students in an environment for which you are responsible is prohibited.
    4. Use of tobacco products is prohibited on campus.
      1. Use of tobacco or tobacco products including but not limited to items such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, hookah and the paraphernalia associated with them is prohibited on campus. The use of tobacco is only permitted in university designated smoking areas.
  4. Scripture and the Confession of Faith of the United States Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (the University’s sponsoring denomination) affirm marriage as existing only between a man and a woman.  Physical intimacy is reserved for individuals within a marriage covenant. The following conduct is prohibited:
    1. Cohabitation with a romantic partner outside of a marriage relationship.
    2. Living together with a member(s) of the opposite sex outside of marriage.
    3. Excessive displays of romantic affection on campus or at officially sponsored FPU events.
    4. Certain sexual behaviors, such as fornication, adultery, etc.
  5. Internet activities, entertainment choices or reading materials are to be consistent with Christian and/or campus values. (Ps. 101:3; Phil. 4:8) Involvement with sexually explicit or suggestive materials – viewing, sending, possessing, etc., is prohibited. (Colossians 3:5, 1 John 2:16)
  6. Individuals are to dress modestly and wear attire that upholds Christian and campus values. (1 Timothy 2:9)
  7. Individuals are to adhere to the laws of the “state”—city